Voice Response Unit (VRU)

24 hour banking service

Voice Response Unit is the Credit Union’s 24 hour banking service, offering balance inquiries, transfers between sub-accounts, and the ability to have a withdrawal mailed to your address. Our VRU system allows you to process transactions without making a trip to the Credit Union.

The VRU is available to all of our members, free of charge. You will need to contact the Credit Union to be set up for VRU access, and at that time we will assist you in entering the system for the first time.

This is safe and user friendly system. Safe in that you will need your account number with the Credit Union and the last four digits of your social security number as your initial password. After that you are able to create your password, using whatever number you choose. Your credit union strongly recommends that you change your password as soon as possible since your social security number is not really a secure number! User-friendly because the system prompts you for your responses.

To access your accounts thru our VRU system, the telephone numbers are:

  • 716-297-4447
  • 716-297-4448
  • 1-800-795-3912


VRU Menu Access Instructions

  1. Dial one of the telephone numbers listed above
  2. Our VRU system will respond “Welcome to the Niagara Falls Air Force FCU’s Voice Response System. If your using a touch tone phone, please press 1 now, if you do not have a touch tone service, please stay on the line.
  3. Enter you account number as shown on your statement, followed by the # sign.
  4. Enter the last four digits of your social security number, followed by the # sign.
  5. The VRU will proceed to the Master Menu.


Follow the recorded prompts to complete your transaction.

  1. for account information
  2. for transfers and withdrawals
  3. for rate changes
  4. to change your password
  5. to exit the system


A few tips

  • Have paper and pen handy to write down information
  • Please change your password as soon as possible
  • For your protection, money cannot be transferred between different accounts unless a link is setup by an office representative